Allahed Town

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Allahed Town
World Map.jpg
Realm: Ignis Ignis Shield Icon.png
Region: Inner Realm
Inhabitants: None

Allahed Town is an Ignean settlement situated in the middle of a giant valley. The town was named after Allahed, an Ignean spiritual leader that led the ancestors of the Ignean people to their new home in the desert. The valley is a truly unique part of the Ignean realm, as it is the only settlement surrounded by grass and foliage. The clean air in the valley is also said to work wonders for health, making Allahed Town a more peaceful place. The peace may not last long however, as an orc threat looms over the town in the nearby hills. The town is also a resting point for gladiators who train and compete in Ignis' Arena up the nearby mountain.

On a clear day, the Ignean Arena can be seen from the city.


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