Altaruk City

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Altaruk City
World Map.jpg
Realm: Ignis Ignis Shield Icon.png
Region: Inner Realm
Inhabitants: None
Altaruk City.

Altaruk is the capital city of Ignis, and is the first city that Ignean players will arrive at following completion of the initiation zone. Altaruk is where new players will be able to make their subclass choice by speaking to their respective trainers. The city is bustling with NPCs, including many merchants, denizens, heavily armed high level guards and the Ignean nobility. Players will repeatedly find themselves travelling back and forth to Altaruk, as it is heart of the Ignean realm.

Altaruk was built by the dark elves and esquelios after being banished from Syrtis. Not having access to quality materials, the city is mainly built from wood, assorted stones and hay. The design however is more advanced, as the city itself was built in the side of the surrounding mountains, making the city well protected against side attacks. The Ignean council huts are heavily fortified by surrounding towers, and enemies would need to pass through the cities levels in the case of an attack.


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