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A Warlock from the realm of Syrtis.

Warlocks are subclass of the mage and are one of the most powerful damage dealers in the realms of Regnum. In addition to being capable area nuker, the warlock is also able to cast effective crowd control spells, cause damage over time, and disrupt the enemy using many powerful curses. Together, these skills make the warlock a dangerous, and often targeted, opponent.

Like all mages, warlocks lack defense, evasion, and health, making them an easy target in battle. Unlike the conjurer, the warlock does not have access to a wide range of damage reduction abilities to overcome these weaknesses. Instead, a warlock can drain health and mana from his opponents with powers from the necromancy discipline, turning damage to his opponent into healing for himself.

Powers[edit | edit source]

As well as the mage disciplines of Mental, Mana Control, Staff Mastery, and Enchantments, the warlock has 3 subclass-specific disciplines:

  • Arcania: Powers that allow the telekinetic movement of stones, earth and wind to cause physical damage.
  • Necromancy: A large collection of life draining powers, demonic curses, and chaotic spells.
  • Elements: A wide arsenal of offensive magic based in the elemental damages of fire, ice, and lightning.

Arcania[edit | edit source]

Arcania Discipline Icon.png

Allows for the manipulating of different material forces to cause physical damage.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Stalagmite Power Icon.jpg Stalagmite 1 Direct 2.5 25 25
Deals piercing damage.
Slow Power Icon.jpg Slow 2 Constant 1 60 30 25
Reduces the target's movement speed.
Petrify Hands Power Icon.jpg Petrify Hands 3 Constant 1.5 60 15,20,25,30,35 25
A powerful accuracy reduction.
Laziness Power Icon.jpg Laziness 4 Constant 2 45 12,14,16,18,20 25
Reduces the target's damage.
Meteor Power Icon.jpg Meteor 5 Constant 2 15 3,4,5,6,7 30
Deals fire and blunt damage and dizzies the target.
Wind Wall Power Icon.jpg Wind Wall 6 Constant 0.5 60 20,22,24,26,30
Reduces the damage received from ranged attacks.
Crystal Blast Power Icon.jpg Crystal Blast 7 Direct 1 20 6
Deals slashing damage to those in front of the warlock.
Fragility Power Icon.jpg Fragility 8 Constant 1 60 60 30
Reduces the target's physical defense.
Golem Fist Power Icon.jpg Golem Fist 9 Direct 3 60 25
Deals a very large amount of blunt damage.
Sultar's Terror Power Icon.jpg Sultar's Terror 10 Constant 3 180 2,3,4,5,6 30 10
Knocks down some targets within 10 meters of the original target (who is also affected) and deals high slashing, piercing and blunt damage.

Necromancy[edit | edit source]

Necromancy Discipline Icon.png

Allows for the manipulation of the forces and states of death.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Vampirism Power Icon.jpg Vampirism 1 Direct 1 30 20
Drains health from the target.
Darkness Power Icon.jpg Darkness 2 Constant 2 50 7,9,11,15,20 20
The target cannot receive positive spells including self-buffs.
Infuriate Power Icon.jpg Infuriate 3 Constant 1.5 30 30 25
Reduces the target's armor points.
Vitality Absorption Power Icon.jpg Vitality Absorption 4 Passive
Passive. For each point of damage the warlock deals, a percentage is added back to the wounded warlock's health.
Sadistic Guards Power Icon.jpg Sadistic Guards 5 Constant 1 60 60 25
Reduces the target's spell resist chance.
Sadistic Servants Power Icon.jpg Sadistic Servants 6 Constant 1 30 30 25
Drains mana from the target over time and adds to the warlock's own reserve.
Soulkeeper Power Icon.jpg Soulkeeper 7 Constant 2 60 30 25
Drains a large amount of health from the target (up to 1000), adds to the warlock's own reserve, and reduces the target's strength.
Cremation Power Icon.jpg Cremation 8 Constant 4 80 5 2
Sends a dead enemy back to their Resurrection Altar.
Possess Summoning Power Icon.jpg Possess Summoning 9 Direct 4 60 20
Allows the warlock to possess an enemy conjurer's summon with a certain chance of success (100% at level 5).
Master of Doom Power Icon.jpg Master of Doom 10 Aura 2.5 180 30 10
Creates a darkness aura with a radius of 10 meters around the warlock. Enemies affected by it cannot cast spells and have reduced constitution.

Elements[edit | edit source]

Elements Discipline Icon.png

Allows for the manipulating of the three elemental forces.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Fire Ball Power Icon.jpg Fire Ball 1 Direct 1.5 15 25 6
Deals fire damage to a target and enemies within 6 meters of the original target.
Ice Blast Power Icon.jpg Ice Blast 2 Constant 1.5 20 10 25
Deals ice damage over time to a target.
Lightning Power Icon.jpg Lightning 3 Constant 2 20 5 25
Deals lightning damage over time to a target.
Elemental Conjunction Power Icon.jpg Elemental Conjunction 4 Passive
Passive. The warlock has increased elemental defense.
Freeze Power Icon.jpg Freeze 5 Constant 1.5 30 3,4,5,6,7 25
Freezes the target.
Frozen Storm Power Icon.jpg Frozen Storm 6 Constant 2 120 6,7,8,9,10 25 6
Stuns a target and enemies within 6 meters of it with up to 90% chance. 100% chance of doing ice damage over time to the target.
Elemental Exposure Power Icon.jpg Elemental Exposure 7 Constant 1 30 30 25
Reduces the target's elemental defense.
Magma Blast Power Icon.jpg Magma Blast 8 Direct 2 45 15 30
An initial amount of Fire damage followed by a non reducible DoT
Twister Power Icon.jpg Twister 9 Constant 3 60 5,6,7,8,9 25 6
Area attack Immobilizes opponents within 6 m of target
Summon Lightning Power Icon.jpg Summon Lightning 10 Constant 3 180 20 0 10
Area attack that deals lightning damage over time to the original target and targets within 10 meters, also reducing their strength.

Warmaster[edit | edit source]

Warmaster Discipline Icon.png

Techniques and special abilities that allow leading your allies into battle

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
War Council Power Icon.png War Council 1 Passive
War chat
Offensive Portal Power Icon.jpg Offensive Portal 10 Direct 10 1200 15
Creates a portal to an offensive location.
Warmaster's Might Power Icon.jpg Warmaster's Might 6 Passive
Passive that directly increases the mage's intelligence and cast speed
Mass Prickling Ivy Power Icon.png Mass Prickling Ivy 8 Constant 0.5 40 4 6
AoE Immobilize around the Warlock
Warmaster Blood Power Icon.png Warmaster Blood 5 Passive
Health +550