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An Archer from the realm of Ignis.

"He who strikes first won't have to strike again - If he strikes hard enough." - Game Description

The archer class focuses on ranged combat using short and long bows. Archers are quicker than any other class and have higher evasion rate. The main attribute of the archer is dexterity, giving higher bow damage, spell focus and evasion rate. Archers, not having a specific secondary attribute, may choose a balance between concentration, intelligence and constitution.

Starting Stats[edit | edit source]

Attribute Wood Elves

Syrtis Shield Icon.png


Syrtis Shield Icon.png

Half Elves

Syrtis Shield Icon.png




Ignis Shield Icon.png


Ignis Shield Icon.png


Alsius Shield Icon.png


Alsius Shield Icon.png

Concentration 25 30 25 27 25 25 25 30
Constitution 20 20 25 22 25 20 25 20
Dexterity 30 25 30 27 25 30 25 25
Intelligence 25 20 20 22 25 20 20 25
Strength 20 25 20 22 20 25 25 20

Powers[edit | edit source]

The 4 disciplines of archer powers are:

  • Short Bows: Gives increased abilities with a short bow that may cause damage, affect the target's abilities, or increase the user's stats
  • Long Bows: Allows abilities with a long bow that have varying effects.
  • Tricks: Contains skills that do low damage but affect opponent's stats
  • Evasion: Gives the player special abilities that increase dodge chance and damage absorption.

Short Bows[edit | edit source]

Short Bows Discipline Icon.png

Movements and techniques for short bow using.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Dual Shot Power Icon.jpg Dual Shot 1 Direct 0.5 7 0
Deals additional slashing damage and an increased percentage of weapon damage.
Rapid Shot Power Icon.jpg Rapid Shot 2 Constant 0 60 10,15,20,25,30
Increases attack speed.
Grounding Arrow Power Icon.jpg Grounding Arrow 3 Constant 0.5 60 1,2,3,4,5 0
Immobilizes a target.
Lightness Power Icon.jpg Lightness 4 Passive
Passively increases dexterity.
Meditation Power Icon.jpg Meditation 5 Constant 0 120 50,60,70,80,90
Increases Concentration.
Adaptability Power Icon.jpg Adaptability 6 Constant 0 80 4,6,8,10,12
Increases critical hit chance.
Tear Apart Power Icon.jpg Tear Apart 7 Constant 1 30 8,9,10,11,12 0
Does damage over time.
Duelist Power Icon.jpg Duelist 8 Passive
Passively increases accuracy.
Hinder Power Icon.jpg Hinder 9 Constant 1 60 30 0 6
Slows down enemies in an area around the selected target.
Repetition Shot Power Icon.jpg Repetition Shot 10 Direct 1.5 180 10
Does high damage in the area in front of the archer.

Long Bows[edit | edit source]

Long Bows Discipline Icon.png

Movements and techniques for long bow using.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Shield Piercing Power Icon.jpg Shield Piercing 1 Direct 0.5 10 0
An arrow of incredible strength is fired.
Parabolic Shot Power Icon.jpg Parabolic Shot 2 Constant 0 40 15,18,21,25,30
Increases bow range temporarily.
Maneuver Power Icon.jpg Maneuver 3 Constant 0 120 40
Increases dexterity temporarily.
Eagle's Eye Power Icon.jpg Eagle's Eye 4 Constant 0 120 120
Increases accuracy.
Point Shot Power Icon.jpg Point Shot 5 Constant 0 45 40
Increases critical hit chance.
Omnipresent Power Icon.jpg Omnipresent 6 Passive
Passively increases Concentration.
Break Apart Power Icon.jpg Break Apart 7 Constant 1.5 40 15 0
Deals damage over time and lowers the target's constitution.
Specialist Power Icon.jpg Specialist 8 Passive
Passively increases bow damage.
Obfuscate Power Icon.jpg Obfuscate 9 Constant 1 30 30 0
Reduces target's Concentration.
Projectile Rain Power Icon.jpg Projectile Rain 10 Direct 3 180 0 10
Deals damage to the target and enemies around it.

Tricks[edit | edit source]

Tricks Discipline Icon.png

Ruses and techniques for getting combat advantage.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Ambush Power Icon.jpg Ambush 1 Direct 0.5 30 2,3,4,5,6 12
The enemy is surprised and knocked out, unable to attack.
Sudden Strike Power Icon.jpg Sudden Strike 2 Constant 1 40 20,25,30,35,40 25
Reduces the target's armour.
Stunning Fist Power Icon.jpg Stunning Fist 3 Constant 0.5 45 2,3,4,5,6
Close range spell which stuns the target.
Retaliation Power Icon.jpg Retaliation 4 Constant 0 20 15
A percentage of spell damage is returned to the attacker.
Sticky Touch Power Icon.jpg Sticky Touch 5 Constant 1.5 45 45 25
Reduces attack speed.
Dirty Fighting Power Icon.jpg Dirty Fighting 6 Constant 0 30 10,15,20,25,30
Reduces range but increases base damage.
Finesse Power Icon.jpg Finesse 7 Constant 1 100 50
The archer is harder to hit.
Sentinel Power Icon.jpg Sentinel 8 Passive
Increases the hunter's Concentration and Dexterity.
Distracting Shot Power Icon.jpg Distracting Shot 9 Constant 1 50 4,5,6,7,8 25
The target is stunned.
Caltrop's Arrow Power Icon.jpg Caltrop's Arrow 10 Constant 1.5 180 20 25 10
Reduces a target and enemies around that target's movement speed.

Evasion[edit | edit source]

Evasion Discipline Icon.png

Movements and techniques for avoiding being hit in combat.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Dodge Power Icon.jpg Dodge 1 Constant 0 45 10,15,20,25,30
Temporarily increases evade chance.
Mobility Power Icon.jpg Mobility 2 Constant 0 60 20
Increases movement speed.
Evasive Tactics Power Icon.jpg Evasive Tactics 3 Constant 0 50 40
Temporarily increases armour.
Cat Reflexes Power Icon.jpg Cat Reflexes 4 Passive
Passively increases evasion chance.
Acrobatic Power Icon.jpg Acrobatic 5 Constant 0 80 40,45,50,55,60
Absorbs a percentage of damage dealt to the archer.
Spell Elude Power Icon.jpg Spell Elude 6 Constant 0 120 40,50,60,70,80
Increases spell resist chance.
Escapist Power Icon.jpg Escapist 7 Constant 0 60 3,4,5,6,8
Increases evasion chance.
Wits Power Icon.jpg Wits 8 Passive
Passively increases intelligence.
Low Profile Power Icon.jpg Low Profile 9 Constant 0.5 60 4,5,6,8,10
The archer cannot attack nor be attacked.
Son of the Wind Power Icon.jpg Son of the Wind 10 Constant 0 80 3,4,5,6,8
The archer resists almost every spell.

Subclasses[edit | edit source]

Subclasses for Archers are the Marksman (Offensive) and the Hunter (Tactic). Marksmen have the ability to make precise shots that have temporarily increased statistics as well as deal high damage from a long range while maintaining a decent defense. The only problem is they have to deal with a relatively small mana pool, considering the cost of their skills. Hunters are able to detect realm enemies, camouflage themselves and their allies, which allow them to create ambushes and kill priority targets. Their offensive powers are very limited,but if wisely used can make of the hunter a very effective assassin. They also can tame wild creatures to aid them in the combat.

Marksman[edit | edit source]

  • Aiming Mastery: Gives the marksman increased accuracy, range and damage when fighting
  • Arrow Mastery: Focuses on using arrows that have special abilities, such as poison or extra damage

Hunter[edit | edit source]

  • Scouting: Is a tactic discipline that allows the Hunter to detect enemies from other realms, get invisible, turn allies invisible, reveal invisible enemies and increase the damage of the hunter for a few seconds allowing a burst of damage which if wisely used can kill a enemy very quickly.
  • Pets: Allows the Hunter to tame beasts and enhance their pet's abilities