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Armor is a set of equipment that gives the character more resistance to damage. The amount and type of the pieces a single character can wear, depends on their class and subclass.

Armor Stats vs Type of Damage[edit | edit source]

Each piece of armor has a rating vs a particular type of damage. This rating translates to either a bonus or penalty to the armor against that type of damage.

very good +30%
good +15%
normal +0%
bad -15%
very bad -30%

Contribution per Type of Armor[edit | edit source]

Each piece of armor contributes a different amount to a player's overall protection, depending on location and class. (Values rounded to nearest whole number).

Barbarians and Archers[edit | edit source]

head 23%
body 26%
legs 20%
arms 17%
hands 14%

Knights[edit | edit source]

head 19%
body 21%
legs 16%
arms 14%
hands 11%
shield 19%

Mages[edit | edit source]

head 22%
body 38%
hands 18%
bracelet 22%

Damage Mitigation[edit | edit source]

The above factors are combined to work out how much damage is mitigated by armor. Note that damage cannot be mitigated below 5% of the original damage.

A damage mitigation calculator can be found at [1].