Dark Elves

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The passion for dark magic made some elves change their look forever. Besides their evident transformation, which would help them while living in the desert, they abandoned archery in favor of melee combat.

— In-game description

Dark Elf - art by Bladnoch.

Dark Elves were originally a faction of Wood Elves that refused to stop studying dark magic from the Igneo culture. Exiled from Syrtis, they arrived in the barren desert of Ignis with the Esquelios (exiled Alturians). There, they found the native Moloks and formed an alliance with them. To separate themselves from their kind, these elves performed a ritual that changed the skin of their whole population. Today, all 3 defend Ignis. They abandoned archery, the way of Wood Elves in favor of swordsmanship while retaining their innate magical abilities, making them vicious warriors and adept mages.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Starting stats for the different classes Dark Elves can play as are as follows:

Mage Warrior
Concentration 30 25
Constitution 20 25
Dexterity 20 20
Intelligence 25 20
Strength 25 30

Compared to all the other races that can be mages, Dark Elves are at a slight disadvantage, having only 25 intelligence points compared to 30, and effectively wasting 5 points having strength at 25. The warrior points distribution, however, is good.

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