Dean Rha

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Daen Rha
Daen rha.jpg
Location:East Desert Coast
Respawn Time:109 Hours

Daen Rha is an igneo boss found in the canyon in East Desert Coast, directly north of Ignis' central save altar. He is an exceptional melee fighter, but he can also tear down ranged players with powerful ranged spells.


Daen Rha is perhaps one of the last surviving Igneo Prime, an example of how powerful the ancient igneo kingdom once was before the Elven Civil War. His presence is striking for that same reason, as most of the igneos encountered in the game seem to have crumbled in terms of culture and society. Daen Rha wears a set of armor over his thick rock-like hide, and makes full use of powerful magic spells. It is unknown as to what exactly he is doing in the ruined igneo temple, but runes that he carries give the impression that he performs various rituals, perhaps in the hopes of one day returning the igneo kingdom to its former glory.


Melee classes should hold his aggro at all costs, as ranged classes are frail and even when fully buffed can be defeated by his powerful hits. Although there isn't much room, ranged classes should try to spread out as his magma rain can kill groups of players at once. As his health begins to fall, he will start making use of the most powerful defensive spells in the game, which can make the battle extremely long for an ill-prepared group. His protection will grow high with a powerful energy barrier, so players should bring some form of Protection debuff to lessen its effect, or dispel it with Mind Squasher. He will also summon groups of igneos frantically, and as his health drops, the level of these igneos will grow. Melee classes are advised to keep focusing on attacking him and instead letting ranged classes and area spells finish off the igneos.

The area he is found in has its advantages and disadvantages. Players fighting him in the canyon should be aware of the fact that they can be susceptible to attack from enemy players atop the canyon cliffs.

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