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Equipment View new UI.png
Equipment View in the Old UI

Items that can be equipped in Regnum Online include armor, weapons, rings, amulets, and arrows. There are also costumes and festive hats that can be received as rewards from events or bought as premium. Equipment can be obtained from PvE combat drops, as rewards from quests, or from merchants in cities.

Armor and weapons have statistics that describe their endurance, construction quality, and bonuses.

Durability[edit | edit source]

Armor and weapons have a durability score that gradually decreases as a player fights. Both by attacking (weapons), or getting hit (armor). Equipment can be repaired at a merchant or with a Repair Hammer (Premium Content). The more worn an item is, the more it will cost to repair. Other factors also affect the repair price, such as quality and level.

As an item nears breaking point, a red warning icon of the item will appear, essentially warning the player. When the durability of an item reaches zero, the item is unequipped and then placed in the user's inventory. The item cannot be re-equipped until it is repaired. Attempting to equip a broken item will yield the message "This item is broken, you cannot equip it. The item must be repaired first".

Quality[edit | edit source]

Armor and weapons can be one of eight qualities (in ascending order):

  1. Defective
  2. Worn
  3. Common
  4. Enhanced
  5. Superior
  6. Great
  7. Master
  8. Artisan

The quality of a piece of equipment cannot be improved through repair, as it is an innate attribute of the item. The item's quality can impart a penalty (worn or lower) or bonus (enhanched or higher) during use.

Item Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Armor and weapons can have some bonuses attached to them. These appear at the bottom of the item's description, and depending on the item they can be boosts to various attributes such as bonus damage, attack speed, health, mana, base stat, etc etc.

The amount of bonuses displayed at the bottom of the description determine the category of the weapon:

  • No bonus: Normal item (the name of the item is displayed in white)
  • 1 bonus: Special item (the name of the item is displayed in yellow)
  • 2 bonuses: Magical item (the name of the item is displayed in green)
  • 3 bonuses: Epic item (the name of the item is displayed in purple)
  • 4+ bonuses: Legendary item (the name of the item is displayed in red)

Nearly all stats and attributes can be boosted via item, although the type of bonus varies with the type of item. For example, a hit chance bonus can be found on gauntlets, but not on a helmet.