Fisgael City

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Fisgael City
World Map.jpg
Realm: Syrtis Syrtis Shield Icon.png
Region: Inner Realm
Inhabitants: 1
Fisgael City

Fisgael is the capital city of Syrtis, and it's the first city players of that realm will arrive at after exiting the beginner zone. It's the place where level 10 players can gain their subclass, so it's the only Syrtian city that has both class and subclass trainers. Fisgael has the most NPCs, including both merchants and denizens, and heavy armed high level guards. It's the place where most quests are obtanied, including the main quest chains of the elemental altars and the runic stones.

Fisgael City street view

Fisgael was built by the Wood Elves many years ago, in times of peace. Meaning the town doesn't have a defense oriented architecture. However, Syrtians are adept at fighting using the enviroment, and the town has forests at its sides. In case of a direct assault on the capital they can retreat into the safety of the trees. Then use surprise strikes and hit and run attacks to defeat the invaders. Even if they lack physical defenses, the forces in Fisgael can hostigate their enemies with psychological and distracting maneuvers, retrieving control of the city quite quickly.

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