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There are several commands that can be used in the game; some of them perform actions that can also be done through other parts of the user interface. All commans are typed in the normal chat input box, and start with a "/"

/me msg

Explanation: sends a message to active channel with different format and color with your name.
type: /me loves Inquisition (name of typer: Anpu)
result: (*)Anpu loves Inquisition

/chat name

Explanation: sends a private chat request to a player.
type: /chat Anpu
result: it will be sent private chat invitation to player Anpu


Explanation: ignores all chat requests.


Explanation: cancels the ignore_chat command.

/buddy name

Explanation: adds a player to your friend list.
type: /buddy Anpu
result: Anpu is added into your friends list.

/pet_name <name>

Explanation: changes your pets name.
type: /pet_name cymore
result: your pet will be named cymore.

/remove name

Explanation: removes a player from your friend's list.
type: /remove Anpu
result: Anpu will be removed from your friends list.


Explanation: shows all your currently connected friends.
type: /list
result: Anpu is online! Malich is online! (Anpu, Galynn and Malich are on your friends list)

/ignore name

Explanation: ignores the selected user. Additionally, all trade requests from the user will be blocked.
type: /ignore Anpu
result: you wont see his/hers messages on any channel, receive chat invites nor receive trade requests.

/unignore name

Explanation: cancels the /ignore command.
type: /unignore Anpu
result: you will see all Anpu's messages on all channels and you can also receive chat invitation from him.

/party name

Explanation: sends party invitation to player to join your party.
type: /party Anpu
result: Anpu will receive party invitation, he can accept or reject it.


Explanation: sends message to party window in whatever active window you typed it in.
type: *Lets kill this dwarf
result: Lets kill this dwarf


Explanation: ignores all party invitations.


Explanation: cancels /ignore_party command.


Explanation: sends message to clan window in whatever active window you typed it in.
type: .Hello clan!
result: Hello clan!


Explanation: ignores all clan invitations.


Explanation: cancel /ignore_clan command.


Explanation: closes active chat window.
type: /leave (in chat window with Anpu)
result: chat window with Anpu will be closed

/trade name

Explanation: sends designated player a Trade Request.


Explanation: ignores all trade requests.


Explanation: enables trade requests.


Explanation: resets all your spells and spell points, so you can reassign them.
type: /reset_powers
result: after 55 seconds, your Spell book will be empty.

This command is no longer working, as Reset Powers is now available at any Class Trainer for a small Gold fee.


Explanation: Unlocks stuck or bugged powers.
type: /unlock_powers
result: Though rare, sometimes powers may get stuck or bugged. Most of the times it can be solved with this command.


Explanation: Only available on the test server. Brings up the training window normally only available at the character's class trainer.
type: /train


Explanation: your character starts dancing.


Explanation: your character waves friendly.


Explanation: your character throws a blowkiss to the selected target.

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