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The gamigo AG: (own spelling gamigo is a German) publisher for browser games, mobile games and massively multiplayer online games and provider of software-as-a-service solutions in the field of cloud computing. The company is headquartered in Hamburg, with other German locations in Berlin, Münster, Darmstadt and Cologne. In addition to the five German locations, Gamigo AG also has branches in Warsaw (Poland), Seoul (South Korea), Istanbul (Turkey), New York, Redwood City, Austin and Chicago (USA). Gamigo AG is constantly expanding its own game portfolio by acquiring companies in the IT and gaming industry and by acquiring game licenses and publication rights.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2000, Gamigo was founded by the brothers Holger, Ralf and Rolf Klöppel and Lars Koschin in Rheine as an online magazine for PC and console games and was financed a short time later by financial investors BMP and AS Ventures. [4] In addition to the construction of the then largest German online games magazine, the company focused on the rental of game servers for different 3D shooter like Counter Strike. In the field of game server rental under its own brand Gamigostrike, Gamigo was one of the first providers to be significantly involved in the development of the market and was at times the market leader in Germany. In May 2001, Gamigo bought the license rights to the game The 4th Revelation from what is now the email security service Vircomand published the first online role-playing game localized in German. Other games followed, which were offered in German: Anarchy Online (May 2002), Tactical Commanders (June 2003) and Puzzle Piraten (May 2004). [1]

In 2003 the founder Holger Klöppel died. Ralf Klöppel left the company in 2005, Rolf Klöppel and Lars Koschin in 2007.

In 2008 the games Last Chaos and Fiesta Online were released. Gamigo expanded into other European countries and launched the French and Spanish versions of Shot Online and Last Chaos . In the same year, Axel Springer AG acquired all of BMP AG's shares in Gamigo. In 2009, Gamigo became a 100 percent subsidiary of Axel Springer AG. Last Chaos was also playable in Polish and was the publisher's first game to reach over a million registered players in Europe.

In 2010, Gamigo published Cultures Online, the first self-produced game that was developed by the German development team Funatics . At the end of 2010, the company also acquired shares in the German developer studio Reakktor Media. It was jointly online action game Black Prophecy developed and operated. In 2011, Gamigo acquired a 20.1% stake in Fiesta Online's Korean developer studio, OnsOn Soft

In July 2012, it was announced that Gamigo had been hacked and that over 8 million email addresses with hashed passwords had been made public. Gamigo reset the passwords, informed users and asked them to set new passwords.

In October 2012, Axel Springer AG sold all shares in Gamigo AG to the strategic investor Samarion. On June 28, 2013, Gamigo announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Gamigo Advertising GmbH had bought the online community

On December 7, 2013, Gamigo AG acquired the North American license for the Last Chaos portfolio product from Aeria Games.

In 2015, Gamigo AG acquired Looki Publishing, GameSpree and the Berlin online games publisher Infernum Games. The company is thus expanding its portfolio to include the titles Desert Operations, Kings and Legends and Dragons Prophet. In addition, Gamigo took over the mobile payment specialist Mobile Business Engine and the games marketer Poged.

In May 2016, Gamigo announced that it had acquired the publisher Aeria Games from ProSiebenSat.1. With this the company expanded its portfolio u. a. the games Aura Kingdom, Twin Saga, S4 League, Wolf Team, Ironsight, Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal as well as Echo of Soul. In addition, the license rights were acquired from Fiesta Online.

In July 2017, Gamigo took over 100 percent of the shares in Mediakraft Networks GmbH. The multichannel network supervised u. a. well-known YouTube personalities such as "LeFloid," Die Lochis" and the "Space Frogs".

In October 2018, the Gamigo group acquired a majority of the assets from the American game developer and publisher Trion Worlds Inc. a. the company's own platform as well as the assets of the games Trove, Rift, Defiance 2050, Atlas Reactor and the publishing rights to the Korean MMORPG ArcheAge.

In February 2019, the Gamigo group placed a corporate bond on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and NASDAQ Stockholm for an initial amount of EUR 32 million with an additional option to top up to EUR 50 million.

In April 2019, Gamigo Inc. acquired the US game publisher WildTangent Inc. in the form of an asset deal. Gamigo Inc. is based near Seattle in Bellevue, WA 98004, USA.

In January 2020, Gamigo AG acquired the major assets of Verve Wireless Inc., a North American mobile data platform for location-based programmatic video and display marketing.

Business model[edit | edit source]

Initially, Gamigo offered online role-playing games with a monthly subscription. Over the years, however, it became clear that only very large productions with appropriate marketing and PR support could achieve sufficient subscriber numbers to be able to survive in the long term. The management uses the potential of so-called free-to-play - Games from Asia offered to download for free with no monthly fees. Instead, virtual items can be purchased for real money, which increase comfort in the game or save time. For example, “boosters” that grant a bonus to experience points or the currency in the game are very popular. Mounts, special items of clothing or pets are also popular with players.

Gamigo also offers B2B services for third-party providers and relies on a combination of organic growth and acquisitions of game title, media and technology companies to expand the Gamigo core portfolio.

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