Gokstad Port

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Gokstad Port
World Map.jpg
Realm: Alsius Alsius Shield Icon.png
Region: Inner Realm
Inhabitants: None

Gokstad Port is Alsius' main port in the Inner Realm. It is involved heavily in the level 20 to 30 quests, particularly the Elections and Cross Water Holding Company questlines. Being Alsius' main port, shipments of all kinds are processed here, including weapons and armor. The town's Overlord is Gurlin Butterfingers whom the player must assist after an Alsirian official is assassinated by orcs under the direction of Syrtis spies.

Note that hunter and conjurer pets and summons as well as mounts are known to fall through the ground and drown, so it is advisable to dismiss them before entering the port. In addition, it is easy to accidentally run off the narrow walkways when moving on a fast mount, but even dismounted, players should take care as there are no barriers to prevent them from falling and drowning.

Gokstad Port from above.

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