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Knights are one of Regnum Online's defensive subclasses, focusing on melee combat. Warriors that choose to follow the knight subclass gain access to heavier armor, as well as 2 unique disciplines, Vanguard and Shields. Their armor grants them the highest base protection of all classes, which together with their powers can make them tougher to take down. Knights also specialize in using shields, and as a result they also have a chance to block attacks.

Along with keeping themselves alive, knights can also be powerful as a supportive class, making use of defensive auras, damage resistances, and other buffs for allies which can be helpful for holding ground in a battle. Their strong defense also makes them ideal for leading attacks into the heart of the enemy, keeping foes busy and their allies protected. To further devastate the enemy, they can run into the back of enemy lines and use single target crowd control and debuff skills. In short, knights are for those who prefer to take their time and find the right moments to strike.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

Advantages[edit | edit source]

  • High base armor points
  • Utilize the blocking mechanic
  • Can have very high constitution and health values
  • Provide excellent defense for allies
  • Can survive for long periods of time

Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

  • Generally low damage output
  • With the exception of some debuff powers, almost exclusively melee ranged
  • No self-targeting speed boosts present

Powers[edit | edit source]

Along with the warrior disciplines, a knight has 2 subclass-specific disciplines:

  • Vanguard: allows the knight to soak in damage or increase health and resistances.
  • Shields: allows the knight to use powers involving shields such as increasing block chance, protecting allies or hitting the enemy to dizzy them.

Vanguard[edit | edit source]

Vanguard Discipline Icon.png

Movements, abilities and techniques for damage soaking in combat.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Challenge Power Icon.jpg Challenge 1 Constant 1 15 20,25,30,35,40 25
Reduces an enemy's hit chance.
Taunt Power Icon.jpg Taunt 2 Constant 0.5 20 25
Makes that the hunter's pet lose armour and lose their control(it is being questioned of the latter works correctly).
Feint Power Icon.jpg Feint 3 Constant 0 35 2,3,4,5,6 0
Knocks an enemy down.
Protector Temple Power Icon.jpg Protector Temple 4 Passive
Passively increases the knight's constitution.
Offensive Stance Power Icon.jpg Offensive Stance 5 Activable 0.5 10
Increases damage at the cost of evasion and protection.
Defensive Support Power Icon.jpg Defensive Support 6 Constant 1.5 30
Increases protection to crowd control effect, reduces warrior's movement speed.
Troll's Skin Power Icon.jpg Troll's Skin 7 Constant 1 270 240
Temporarily increases the knight's health.
Knight's Haste Power Icon.png Knight's Haste 8 Constant 0 100 4
Temporarily boosts Knight's speed.
Heroic Presence Power Icon.jpg Heroic Presence 9 Aura 1.5 90 60 6
Aura that drastically increases surrounding allies' armour points.
Army of One Power Icon.jpg Army of One 10 Constant 0.5 50 20
Significantly increases the knight's physical and magical resistance.

Shields[edit | edit source]

Shields Discipline Icon.png

Movements, abilities and techniques for shields.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Block Power Icon.jpg Block 1 Constant 0 50 12,15,18,21,25
Increases the knight's block chance
Shield Bash Power Icon.jpg Shield Bash 2 Constant 0 45 3,4,5,6,7 2
Deals blunt damage and dizzies an opponent.
Protect Ally Power Icon.jpg Protect Ally 3 Direct Instant 20 2
Dispels Crowd Control on an ally.
Precise Block Power Icon.jpg Precise Block 4 Constant 0 45 2,3,4,5,6
The knight blocks everything for a short period of time.
Defensive Stance Power Icon.jpg Defensive Stance 5 Activable 0.5 10
Increased defense at the expensive of lower damage.
Ethereal Mantle Power Icon.jpg Ethereal Mantle 6 Constant 0.5 120 60 2.5
The knight increases one ally's magical defense.
Shield Wall Power Icon.jpg Shield Wall 7 Constant 0 30 10 6
The knight shields the allies in the rear against physical damage.
Steadiness Power Icon.jpg Steadiness 8 Passive
The knight reduces his chance of getting knocked down.
Stars Shield Power Icon.jpg Stars Shield 9 Constant 0 30 10 6
The knight gives a protection aura against magical damage to allies in the rear.
Deflecting Barrier Power Icon.jpg Deflecting Barrier 10 Aura 1 180 120 6
Decreases received ranged damaged for nearby allies.

Warmaster[edit | edit source]

Warmaster Discipline Icon.png

Techniques and special abilities that allow leading your allies into battle

Full armed warmaster knight
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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
War Council Power Icon.png War Council 1 Passive
War chat
Paladin's Aid Power Icon.png Paladin's Aid 4 Constant Instant 40 8 8
Heals an ally.
Warmaster's Might Power Icon.jpg Warmaster's Might 6 Passive
Constitution +15%
Blessed Power Icon.png Blessed 8 Direct 1 90
Heals self.
Warmaster Blood Power Icon.png Warmaster Blood 5 Passive
Health +350