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Creatures of legend, the Lamai have suddenly come back in force after being absent for millennia. Their cuddly exterior hides the tough interior of a most versatile race, capable of excelling in any class. These magical beings might be cute, but they make cunning warriors, deadly archers, and powerful wizards. Their starting stats are the following:

Archer Mage Warrior
Concentration 27 27 22
Constitution 22 22 27
Dexterity 27 22 22
Intelligence 22 27 22
Strength 22 22 27
Ignis Shield Icon.pngIgnis: EsqueliosMoloksDark ElvesLamai
Syrtis Shield Icon.pngSyrtis: AlturiansWood ElvesHalf ElvesLamai        Alsius Shield Icon.pngAlsius: NordosDwarvesUtgharsLamai