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A Wood Elf Conjurer from the realm of Syrtis.

Conjurers are a subclass of the mage. Although their standard role is as a healer and supporter in the backlines, taking one lightly is a huge mistake. Like all mages, conjurers lack defense, evasion, and health, but they have a large selection of crowd control powers to help overcome these weaknesses. A skilled conjurer can play with his opponent, dizzying and knocking them down as he pleases. In addition to crowd control, the conjurer also has access to many damage reduction powers, healing magic, and the ability to summon a creature or spirit to aid him in battle. Conjurers commanding ghosts, golems, liches, and demons are a common sight in the realms of Regnum.

The lack of offensive powers prevent the conjurer from dealing the heavy damage of a warlock, but their increased endurance with controlling allows them to be unparalleled one on one fighters. Although capable of being offensive, a well played conjurer can be even more dangerous as a supporter. Correct distribution of health, mana, power buffs, and defensive auras can help an outnumbered group become victorious. This ability makes the conjurer a high priority target, and blind charges against them should be expected, prepared for, and countered.

Powers[edit | edit source]

As well as the mage disciplines of Mental, Mana Control, Staff Mastery, and Enchantments, the conjurer has 3 subclass-specific disciplines:

  • Life: A large collection of healing spells, including the ability to revive fallen teammates and provide protection buffs for allies.
  • Summon: Powers that allow the summoning and enchantment of creatures and spirits.
  • Sorcery: Strong defensive spells for the protection of both the conjurer and other allies.

Life[edit | edit source]

Life Discipline Icon.png

Allows the healing and regenerating of wounds, as well as bringing the dead back to life.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Heal Ally Power Icon.jpg Heal Ally 1 Direct 0.5 5 25
Heals an ally.
Heal Self Power Icon.jpg Heal Self 2 Direct 1 15
Heals the caster.
Resurrect Power Icon.jpg Resurrect 3 Constant 6 120 0,0,30 8
Brings an ally back to life. In higher levels it also gives improved hit chance, armor bonus and invulnerability.
Regenerate Ally Power Icon.jpg Regenerate Ally 4 Constant 0.5 20 30 25
Heals an ally over time.
Regenerate Self Power Icon.jpg Regenerate Self 5 Constant 1 30 30
Heals the caster over time.
Divine Intervention Power Icon.jpg Divine Intervention 6 Constant 1 110 10,20,35,50,70 25
Makes the ally immune to non-damaging powers.
Life Savior Power Icon.jpg Life Savior 7 Direct 1.5 60 20
Heals an ally to a large extent.
Greater Regeneration Power Icon.jpg Greater Regeneration 8 Constant 1.5 180 30 10
Power that heals all allies near the caster over time.
Greater Healing Power Icon.jpg Greater Healing 9 Direct 1.5 120 6
Power that heals all allies in an area.
Mass Resurrection Power Icon.jpg Mass Resurrection 10 Direct 5 300 6
Revives the allies near the conjurer.

Summon[edit | edit source]

Summon Discipline Icon.png

Allows the summoning of different types of creatures and spirits to fight for the caster.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Summon Imps Power Icon.jpg Summon Imps 1 Constant 1.5 60 13
Summons imps that attack the selected target.
Extraplanar Bond Power Icon.jpg Extraplanar Bond 2 Constant 0.5 60 60
The conjurer magically bonds to its summoning. Part of the received damage is redirected to it.
Summon Demon Power Icon.jpg Summon Demon 3 Constant 3 50 30
Summons a demon that fights for the conjurer.
Material Bond Power Icon.jpg Material Bond 4 Passive
Passive. Increases the summon's hp.
Summon Zombies Power Icon.jpg Summon Zombies 5 Constant 2 60 18
Summons zombies that attack the selected target.
Demonic Rage Power Icon.jpg Demonic Rage 6 Constant 1.5 60 15
Summoned creatures become aggressive, causing additional damage but losing all their armor.
Summon Golem Power Icon.jpg Summon Golem 7 Constant 10 120 240
Summons a stone golem that fights for the conjurer.
Magical Armor Power Icon.jpg Magical Armor 8 Passive
Passive Increases the summon's armor.
Blood Drinker Power Icon.jpg Blood Drinker 9 Constant 4 180 60
Summoning earns life draining attacks. Part of the inflicted damage is taken as health for the current creature.
Summon Lich Power Icon.jpg Summon Lich 10 Constant 3 60 40
Summons a lich that fights for the conjurer.

Sorcery[edit | edit source]

Sorcery Discipline Icon.png

Allows the use of magical energies for providing different forms of protection.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Force Armor Power Icon.jpg Force Armor 1 Constant 2 70 60
A force field is created that grants the conjurer extra protection.
Shifting Silhouette Power Icon.jpg Shifting Silhouette 2 Constant 3 50 40 20
Increases the target's evade chance.
Friendly Shielding Power Icon.jpg Friendly Shielding 3 Constant 1.5 25 60 25
Gives an ally additional protection.
Mind Blank Power Icon.jpg Mind Blank 4 Activable 1 60
The conjurer gets resistance to crowd control effects.
Karma Mirror Power Icon.jpg Karma Mirror 5 Constant 1 60 30
Reflects part of the damage received while the spell is active.
Magic Barrier Power Icon.jpg Magic Barrier 6 Constant 2 120 120 25
Gives magic resistance to the target.
Material Wall Power Icon.jpg Material Wall 7 Constant 2 120 120 25
Gives physical resistance to the target.
Sanctuary Power Icon.jpg Sanctuary 8 Constant 1.5 70 10,12,14,16,20
Makes the conjurer invulnerable, but unable to attack.
Insightful Power Icon.jpg Insightful 9 Passive
The caster gains a duration bonus to all powers received from allies or himself.
Steel Skin Power Icon.jpg Steel Skin 10 Constant 1 180 20,25,30,35,40
The conjurer creates a magic mantle that significantly reduces slashing, piercing and blunt damage.

Warmaster[edit | edit source]

Warmaster Discipline Icon.png

Techniques and special abilities that allow leading your allies into battle

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
War Council Power Icon.png War Council 1 Passive
War chat
Defensive Portal Power Icon.jpg Defensive Portal 4 Direct 10 1200 15
Creates a portal to an allied location.
Warmaster's Might Power Icon.jpg Warmaster's Might 6 Passive
Passive that directly increases the mage's intelligence and cast speed
Divine Protection Power Icon.png Divine Protection 8 Constant 1 45 60 20
Healing Bonus +25%
Warmaster Blood Power Icon.png Warmaster Blood 10 Passive
Health +700