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A Molok Marksman from Ignis realm.

The marksman is a class that has good defense and offense, but lacks support. This combination makes them good at PVP, but they are a escential part in any RVR battle as well. Their massive range and high fast damage output allows them to finish off retreating or wounded enemies. Their debuffs are also quite effective, since they are unique, and tend to confuse the enemy. Marksmen have the same great evasion abilities of the hunter, but also have impressive damage dealing skills. With expanded range and increased accuracy they can pack a punch on unwary opponents that thought were at a safe distance. Marksmen that learn to handle their mana and locate weak targets in a battle are fast, accurate and unforgiving.

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Marksman[edit | edit source]

Advantages[edit | edit source]

  • Long range
  • Med-High damage
  • Good defense
  • Good Crowd control spells

Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

  • Fast mana consumption rates
  • Moderate speed
  • No ally support spells

Powers[edit | edit source]

As well as the Archer disciplines, the Marksman has 2 subclass-specific disciplines:

  • Arrow Mastery: spells which increase damage or give special powers to the arrows fired, such as poison.
  • Aiming Mastery: buffs or debuffs that increase accuracy, range or damage.

Arrow Mastery[edit | edit source]

Arrow Mastery Discipline Icon.png

Shoots arrows with special damage and qualities.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Recharged Arrows Power Icon.jpg Recharged Arrows 1 Activable 0 15
Activable skill. Each normal hit does increased damage but requires mana.
Winter Stroke Power Icon.jpg Winter Stroke 2 Constant 0.5 40 3,4,5,6,7 35
Freezes and damages an opponent.
Burst of Wind Power Icon.jpg Burst of Wind 3 Constant 0.5 40 4,5,6,7,9 0
Dizzies and damages an opponent.
Serpent Bite Power Icon.jpg Serpent Bite 4 Constant 1 60 10 0
Poisons an opponent. Deals instant damage and more over time.
Ignus Scorch Power Icon.jpg Ignus Scorch 5 Direct 1 20 20
Deals fire damage to those in front of the Marksman.
Ethereal Arrow Power Icon.jpg Ethereal Arrow 6 Direct 1 40 0
Deals damage that ignores all defenses.
Needle Blast Power Icon.jpg Needle Blast 7 Direct 1 25 10
Causes slashing damage to opponents in the area in front of the Marksman.
Arcana Strike Power Icon.jpg Arcana Strike 8 Direct 1 20 0
Shoots an arrow that deals lightning, fire and ice damage.
Fire Rain Power Icon.jpg Fire Rain 9 Direct 2 30 0 6
Deals fire damage to a target and enemies around the original target.
Lightning Arrow Power Icon.jpg Lightning Arrow 10 Constant 2 180 5,7,9,11,15 0 10
Deals lightning damage to and reduces the speed of a target and enemies around it.

Aiming Mastery[edit | edit source]

Aiming Mastery Discipline Icon.png

Special abilities and techniques for increased aiming at ranged combat.

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
Dead Eye Power Icon.jpg Dead Eye 1 Constant 1 45 20
Increases the Marksman's damage while decreasing attack speed
Focus Power Icon.jpg Focus 2 Activable 0 20
Activable skill. Spells cast have increased accuracy but it reduces the marksman's movement speed.
Finger Crush Power Icon.jpg Finger Crush 3 Constant 0.5 40 30 0
Reduces the opponent's normal and critical hit chance.
Foresight Power Icon.jpg Foresight 4 Passive
Passively increases the marksman's range.
Cyclops Curse Power Icon.jpg Cyclops Curse 5 Constant 1 52 30 0
Deals damage and reduces the opponent's critical hit chance.
Lethal Strike Power Icon.jpg Lethal Strike 6 Direct 1.5 50 0
Has a chance to do very high damage.
Strategic Position Power Icon.jpg Strategic Position 7 Constant 1 80 25
Reduced the marksman's ranged damage received.
Trained Eye Power Icon.jpg Trained Eye 8 Passive
Passively increases the marksman's hit chance.
Seeking Strike Power Icon.jpg Seeking Strike 9 Constant 1 50 30,33,37,42,50 0
Reduces a target's constitution.
Hawk's Gaze Power Icon.jpg Hawk's Gaze 10 Constant 2 180 40,45,50,55,60
The marksman can find her opponent and target her easily.

Warmaster[edit | edit source]

Warmaster Discipline Icon.png

Techniques and special abilities that allow leading your allies into battle

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  Name Pos. Type Casting Cooldown Duration Range Area
War Council Power Icon.png War Council 1 Passive
War chat
Fire Arrow Power Icon.png Fire Arrow 4 Constant 0.5 25 35
Dispels Freeze
Warmaster's Might Power Icon.jpg Warmaster's Might 6 Passive
Need this info
Killer Instinct Power Icon.png Killer Instinct 8 Activable 0 15
Increases hit chance at the cost of immobilizing the marksman.
Warmaster Blood Power Icon.png Warmaster Blood 5 Passive
Health +300