Medenet City

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Medenet City
World Map.jpg
Realm: Ignis Ignis Shield Icon.png
Region: Inner Realm
Inhabitants: None
A street view of the city center.

Medenet is an Ignean city in that closely borders the realms great wall. Because the city is so close to the war zone, it serves primarily as a staging ground for the Ignean war effort, housing a vast supply of armor and weapons. Inside the city itself lies the Medenet Cathedral, the primary center of worship in the Ignean homeland. For some time now, Medenet has been cut off from it's water source. The aqueduct that used to run from Altaruk to Medenet was destroyed by desert rock golems, and plans to rebuild the aqueduct have been repeatedly stalled. The lack of water, together with raging sandstorms in the night, have left the city's denizens with poor morale. In the past, Medenet had an infamous underground drug smuggling ring that smuggled illegal substances into the realm. The drug smuggling industry has since been crushed by the city's guards, yet some rumors say that the smuggling exists to this day.

Interior of the Cathedral, it's walls embroidered with banners and stained glass windows that tell the history of the Ignean people.
Beyond Medenet lies Ignis' Great Wall.


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