Montsognir City

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Montsognir City
World Map.jpg
Realm: Alsius Alsius Shield Icon.png
Region: Inner Realm
Inhabitants: None

Montsognir is the Alsius' inner realm capital, and it's the first city players of that realm will arrive at after exiting the beginner zone. It's the place where level 10 players can gain their subclass, so it's the only Alsirian city that has both class and subclass trainers. Montsognir has the most NPCs, including both merchants and denizens, and heavily armed high level guards. It's the place where most quests are obtained, including the main quest chains of the elemental altars and the runic stones.

The city was built by the newly formed alliance between Nordos, Dwarves and Utghars. It stands on a cliff so assaults can only be made from the main gates. The area surrounding the entrance is shaped as a long valley so attackers can be spotted from a distance and preparations can be made quickly. The great fort has a ceremonial room, but it's built as a gigantic tower for central defense of the city. Archers and mages can run up and welcome invaders with a rain of arrows and fire, while warriors can wait in the narrow stairs which serve as an effective choke point.

Montsognir City's main entrance at dawn.

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