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World Cup, Carnival, Anniversary, Each specific new event, rules, changes, runthrough

  • World Cup Event 2010 Every 4 years hosts a variety of Country themed jersies according to those participating that year In an unique turn for this event only, is a featured Server based competition where wearing a country's jersey allows you to climb the ranks by amassing rp that can grant you exclusive champion jewelry usually a necklace/2 ring combo and a ring for a lower tier, typically 2nd to 3rd places Tips, buy the jersey to jump ahead, usually only no-lifers or account sharing parricipants can turn out a winning score Exclusive Jersies The original sets were reused twice, with the sets in an unmixable jersey/shorts combo. For Brazil's, the sets were replaced by an updated look for a male(jersey/shorts), females (jersey/skirt) combo. When Russia's WC began, they replaced thenlooks with an elaborate set of robes in corresponding Country colors.
  • Halloween (About a week, around October 31)
    • Morph Potions for Spider Transformation(No longer available), Skeleton Tranformation(Unavailable in 2019), Werewolf Transformation(Annual~ See Secret Achievements), Zombie(Annual)
    • mini events
    • Not recurring; Death Dragon, a dragon was spawned as a super mega boss for every realm to cooperate in killing to drop semi exclusive items(now available by killing the Soul Monger). Exclusive Ximerin item Death Dragon Wings.
  • Christmas (About a week, around December 25)
    • Annual, starting around December 25, with new items for your avatar, new or recurring mounts and items only available now!
    • See Deluxe Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree, Sled, Reindeer, Candy-Cane,
  • Saint Patricks Day
    • This event is currently unavailable for 5+ years, having taken place by players being transported to a singular island with a pot-of-gold, a leprechaun, and event specific tasks achievable only for the duration of this event!