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Family Zoo Quest: An entire woman's family, turned into animals.

Quests in Regnum Online are obtained by speaking with non-player characters like merchants, guards and citizens in and around cities of the realm. A town-crier in the centre of the city will have a list of quests available to a player at their particular level. These quests will be listed under "News" in the dialogue window opened when speaking to the crier. The crier tells a character they should speak to certain NPC's, identifying them by first name. These NPC's will have the available quests. (Also note that as a player levels, the same NPC's may have new quests for them, without crier's list being updated).

Quests reward players with experience, money, equipment, or a combination of all three. Quests are almost always the quickest form of gaining experience and money. Quest assignments can involve killing certain monsters and collecting items they drop, locating and talking to various NPC's for information, or interacting with the environment in and around towns. In the process, the quests reveal the backstory or history of the realm, and oftentimes uncover a web of drama and intrigue among its citizens.

Recently, special PvP quests have been added to the game. They require the player to defeat enemy players in combat. The easiest way to finish them fast is joining war battles (RVR).

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • When trying to find NPCs in a town, you can use the v key, which when held down, shows the names of all nearby allies. Or look up their position on this wiki. NPCs with a quest available will have "!" at their location on the radar. Beware, sometimes the radar markers are bugged and do not display.
  • For quests that involve killing creatures, it's a good idea to do these with other players. This is because the same rules for gaining XP apply: each player only has to do only 10% of the damage for the kill to count for the quest. 
  • When a quest demands killing a certain creature, in an area that has cliffs, check up/down the sides of the cliffs, since many of the creatures will have found their way there. Ranged classes may still be able to reach them.
  • The lists of quests at the town criers are outdated; it's better to look for NPCs with a "!" over their head instead, or use one of this wiki's quest lists.
  • You can only have 5 active quests at any given time. To cancel a quest, press Info and then Cancel in the quest window. You will have to redo the enti Fodase