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Location:Volcanic Zone
Respawn Time:37 Hours

Tenax is a Dragon boss found nesting in the lowest pit of the Volcanic Zone, she is Ignis' exclusive dragon. Because of her high health values, damage and skills, she is one of the games more powerful foes.


A group preparing to slay Tenax needs to be well prepared by bringing powerful defensive buffs, otherwise they will be at odds with her sheer amount of power. Conjurers should bring area wide healing spells and pylons to protect the melee classes that will be dealing primary damage. They can also enchant allies before the battle since enchantments have a short cooldown. Warriors using piercing weapons can bring Brain Piercing to cancel Tenax's Dragon Stomp, or they can bring Defensive Support to protect themselves from it's knockdown effect. Barbarians can additionaly bring Unstoppable Madness and use it right before an incoming Dragon Stomp. Dying during this battle can be grueling for the player since conjurers will not always be able to select or even notice if someone has fallen.

Drops and Loot

  • Loot:
    • Red Dragon Scales
    • Tenax Tourmaline
    • Tenax Orange Garnet
    • Tenax Ruby
    • Tenax Fire Opal
    • Dragon Horns
    • Dragon Teeth

Skills Used