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The Regnum Online World Map measures about 6km in each direction, and contains a central landmass surrounded by ocean. The landmass is split into the 3 realms, with the cold realm of Alsius occupying the northwest, the desert realm Ignis in the northeast, and the forest realm Syrtis in the south. Each realm contains 3 regions: the Initiation Zone, the Inner Realm and the War Zone.

Soul Monger is a usually once-a-day spawn based on the overall number of kills in the realms combined, and spawns next to the War Island(small center island) and reachable by the closest locations per realm by boat.

The Dragon Wish instances are in the middle of the lower right hand corner in a specifically undisclosed location.

Carnival Island is on the far left of the map sitting alone, and only available in tandem with the Carnival celebrations of late February to early March.

Initiation Zone[edit | edit source]

Initiation Zones-0.png

The Initiation Zone is where new players are brought to upon character creation. These areas are entirely safe from enemy realms, and simply teach new players the basics of the game while they level their characters to level 10. The Initiation Zones all have 2 villages, and they are separated from the Inner Realm by some sort of portal with an NPC teleporter at each side.

Inner realm[edit | edit source]

Inner Realm.png

The Inner Realm is the main "safe zone" of each realm. Most of the game's PvE content centers in this area, preparing players before they enter the War Zone. Each realm has a great wall that separates the War Zone from the Inner Realm. This wall normally keeps players safe from enemies, though through invasions, enemy players can sometimes break down the gates of each wall and raid the Inner Realm. In such cases, it may be best for lower level players to retreat into the heavily-guarded towns and cities.

War Zone[edit | edit source]

War Zone.png

The central area of the Regnum world is the War Zone. This is where the game's Realm versus Realm mechanic takes place. Terrain is not controlled by any realm completely, so players of all realms battle freely in this open zone. The territory is divided by three rivers, and connected with six bridges. More here at The War Zone. Learning the War Zone

War Island[edit | edit source]

War Island.png

Surrounded by the Lake of the Ancients, this centralized island is a hub of activity for all realms, reachable by the boats highlighted in each realm's War Zone. The Soul Monger, Hall of Fame, and teleporter, Adanor, for the Christmas event is located here.

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