Thorkul's Crush

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Thorkul's Crush Thorkul's Crush of Fine Steel
Damage:(+33) Slashing Damage Icon.png 30 Piercing Damage Icon.png 108-126 Blunt Damage Icon.png 150-185
Attack Speed:Slow
Weight:8 Kgs
Requires:Warrior level 55
Additional Bonuses:Strength +5
Hit Chance +16

Thorkul's Crush is a Hammer.

This powerful hammer can be obtained by killing Thorkul in Thorkul's Rage. This hammer uses a slightly modified skin of the Abyssal Hammer, dyed blue. Like other boss weapons, an empty gem socket can be engraved to add a magic gem.


  • Because of the multiple damage types present, this weapon has a very nice attack power.